Situated between, and isolated by, the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia has many animals and plants, which are unique to the planet. The surface geology is typically old and flat.

  • Australia has seven of the top 100 universities in the world! In fact, with over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions, Australia sits above the likes of Germany, the Netherlands and Japan, ranking eighth in the Universitas 2012 U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems.
  • These are strong academic credentials, but our institutions are just as highly rated as the cities that house them around the country.
  • Australia has five of the 30 best cities in the world for students based on student mix, affordability, quality of life, and employer activity – all important elements for students when choosing the best study destination.
  • Schools and employers all over the world recognize degrees from Australian schools.
  • One of the most appealing aspect of the country for international students is the quality of scientific research.
  • Students visiting the country are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while they are studying in Australia. 
  • The Australian government welcomes potential international students with open arms, and they actually offer up to $250 million dollars a year in scholarships, grants, and other financial aid that is specially set aside for international students.
  • Over 2.5 million people have gone to Australia as international students, and many of them have gone out to make a difference in the world.
  • Students visiting the country are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while they are studying in Australia.
  • This is a great opportunity for students who want to earn money to help with living expenses during their stay, and for students who want to gain work experience in their field of interest while they study.
  • Institutions in Australia offer a wide variety of courses and degrees, so international students can easily find the school and field that are right for them. 
  • IELTS would be a require for admission as well as for visa.
  • It has the third largest number of international students in the English speaking world.
  • Canberra, Sydney & Melbourne: (+10 hrs UT/GMT) 4hrs 30 min ahead of India but has 1 hour extra Daylight Savings Time during summer
  • Global Opportunities represents TAFE, leading private education institutes, colleges and universities in Australia.
Employment & Job Market
  • 193,000 new jobs forecast to be created nationally in the year to August 2014.
  • Construction is the third largest employing industry in Australia and is expected to experience a 10% growth in coming years.
  • Professionals with finance and accounting qualifications will be highly sought after in 2014.
  • People with a Certificate IV, diploma or degree will continue to claim the bulk of new jobs.
  • Average weekly earnings are expected to grow by more than 4% to $1,251 by November 2014
  • The Housing Industry Association now forecasts over 160,500 new dwellings will be built in the 2013-14  financial year. This is 10,000 more buildings than was initially forecast for 2013-14.
Fees and Expenses

The list below gives you an indication of the range of course costs for different types of qualifications:
  1.  School - $7,800 to $30,000
  2.  English language studies - Around $300 per week depending on course length
  3.  Undergraduate Bachelor Degree - $15,000 to $33,000
  4.  Postgraduate Masters Degree - $20,000 to $37,000
  5.  Doctoral Degree - $14,000 to $37,000
  • Financial fund require while study in australia is AUD 19000 to 20000 (It should be 3 Month old ).
  • The cost of OSHC varies depending on the type of cover required. The average cost of minimum cover is $437 for 12 months singles cover, $1222 for 12 months couples cover, $1744 for 12 months single-parents cover and $2022 family cover (Australian dollars).
  • Visa fees of AUD 535.

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