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Norway is famous for its outdoor culture and rightly so, given the abundance of natural beauty afforded by the country’s many fjords and mountains. But as a significant number of international students have discovered — and there were about 12,000 at last count — the education system is also worth the journey to one of Europe’s most northern countries.


  • Norway has seven universities, nine specialised university institutions, 22 university colleges, two national colleges of the arts and a number of private higher education institutions.
  • There are more than 200 master’s programmes taught in English, although there are only a handful of bachelor’s degree courses on offer in English.
  • Norway’s universities are well regarded, with the University of Oslo ranking 89th in the 2013–14 QS University World Rankings, and the University of Bergen at 151st.
  • Although predominantly known for it’s natural beauty, Norway also has a rich cultural history that anybody studying in Norway would be wise to explore. With Vikings and trolls, Norway has a lot more on offer than you may have originally thought. Of course, if you have a break between studies, you may choose to spend your time exploring the UNESCO World Heritage fjords or observing the Northern Lights above the Arctic Circle between late autumn and early spring.
  • Part of Scandinavia, Norway is the largest country in the cultural-linguistic region of Northern Europe. There are excellent transport links between Norway and the rest of mainland Europe and beyond, by road, rail or air, so you’ll never be too far from a new adventure either.
  • Enjoying a relatively mild climate thanks to the Gulf Stream that brings in warmer weather than you may have expected, given it’s location in Northern Europe, Norway also has three different languages to experience too. A country full of nice surprises, you could spend your spare time at a ski resort, trying a fjord cruise or even a wildlife safari. When it comes to food and drink though, Norway really does impress. When the lingonberries and cloudberries begin to ripen in the Norwegian mountains, you should follow the locals and take time off from work to enjoy the juicy berries and at Christmas, enjoy an Aquavit, Norway’s national drink, and you’ll fit right in! The potato-based spirit is flavoured with herbs and spices and is beautiful with Christmas food.
Fees and Expenses
  • The estimate of NOK 8900 (approx. EURO 1200) per month for subsistence refers to board and lodgings, clothing, transport, medical and dental care and other necessities.
  • Student allowed to work up to 20 hours per week.
  • The processing fee of NOK 2 500 (approx. USD 430)
  • Visa Fees in norway 880 nok. 


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